Telemachus Relationship In The Odyssey

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After the warm and touching union father and son embraced, Odysseus directs Telemachus to go home and not speak a work of his return. Odysseus plans on defeating the suitors and gaining back his kingdom, and in order to do so, he conducted a detailed plan that needs to be followed to the word. He strictly orders Telemachus to go back home. Odysseus wil go back home too, however, dressed as a beggar, with the swine herder. Once in the castle, the suitors will mock and abuse of him, however, Telemachus needs to remain and stay calm and guard his temper. «…no matter what I suffer, no matter if they pull me by the heals or practice shots at me, to drive me out. Look on, hold down your anger. You may even plead with them by heaven. » (Epic Homer,…show more content…
One would certainly not believe it was a coincidence since Argus was already struggling to remain alive, and lived more years than a dog is destined to live. Nonetheless, Argus let go and took his last breath when it came to his knowledge that his master has returned and as safe and sound ; his duty to Odysseus being over. When Odysseus was walking, along with the swine herder, to the palace, Argus, Odysseus’ loyal dog, lay there, in the front gate of the palace. Ever since Odysseus’ absence, his once great and high achieving dog, over the twenty miserable years, has been mistreated by the suitors and was currently resting at night on the dung heap with cows and mules. No women nor maid would take care of the poor dog. As Odysseus approaches, Argus recognizes the familiar and soothing voice and scent of his master. Consequently, Argus strugles to stand on his four paws, ears flattened, greeting his master. A salty tears rolls down Odysseus’ cheek, knowing that in the mind and hearts of some, his return was a hope they clinged to for life. «…but the death and darkness in that instant closed the eyes of Argus, who had seen his master, Odysseus, after twenty years. » As one can see, Argus, who proved to be extremely loyal and true at heart towards Odysseus, struggled to wait for his master’s return before he let go off life and peacefully passed
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