Telemachus Maturity In Odysseus In Homer's Odyssey

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In Book Two of the Odyssey, Telemachus demonstrates his increasing maturity by confronting the suitors, gaining respect from the elders, and preparing to look for Odysseus. Telemachus demonstrates maturity in Book Two of the Odyssey by confronting the suitors face on. By gathering the suitors together he can talk to them about what he wants to happen from now on. By confronting the suitors Telemachus gains maturity because he is taking a leadership role. He also is gaining maturity from confronting the suitors because he is facing his fears. Telemachus going up to the suitors makes the suitors realize that he is now ready to take change of his own house. Telemachus gained a lot more maturity after the elders started stepping up for him. …show more content…

By Telemachus realizing that the elders respect him he now knows he must be a leader and not let the elders down. The elders are realizing that Telemachus now taking a man of the house role and begin to support him which makes Telemachus feel more mature. All of this supporting from the elders is making Telemachus feel like he is gaining a lot of power and responsibility. By preparing to look for Odysseus Telemachus gains a lot of maturity. Even Athena is telling Telemachus how to go out on his adventure he is about to take part in. By Athena giving Telemachus instruction on how to go on and find Telemachus gains a lot of maturity because he is feeling now that Athena trusts him. He also is gaining a lot of maturity by preparing to look for his father Odysseus because he will have to lead his own crew. He is also gaining maturity by doing this because he knows his father is still alive out there and he wants to show his father how much he has matured and grown from the last time Odysseus saw him. These are all reasons why and how Telemachus has gained maturity during Book Two of the

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