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Margaret Sanger and Birth Control Margaret Higgins Sanger described by many as a rebel established a movement in not only America but all around the world, that mostly impacted women in the 20th century and made a drastic difference in their lives. It gave women the right to decide when to have a child and whether they wanted one. In the year of 1921 when she introduced the birth control movement was a time of Victorian dissimulation and oppression; even though at this time morals guidelines were at the highest they had ever been. She was still able to work herself up and become the head of the planned parenthood Federation of America, Sanger was dedicated to what she did that it eventually resulted in better conditions for the poor and …show more content…

These two methods depended mostly on the male. That is when Sanger began her quest to find a better contraceptive method and decided that women should have the right to decide if they want to get pregnant. She took a trip to Europe to search for a way to prevent an unwanted pregnancy. Margaret Sanger decided to go against the Comstock Law and challenge them. In Brooklyn in 1916, she got arrested for opening a birth control clinic. Because of this arrest, the Crane decision was passed: and what this did was that it allowed women to use birth control for therapeutic purposes. The law also got her in trouble many other times because she lectured and gave speeches about the needs of birth control. She would also distribute information on manuscripts and birth control methods in different periodicals. Sanger gained a lot of followers because of what she was doing that she even made pamphlets and books and was not getting in trouble by the law; though the law was not the only one against Sanger's opinion but also the Roman Catholic Church which considered what she was doing and wanted a

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