The Absolutely True Diary Literary Analysis

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As Winston Churchill said,” Success is not final. Failure is not fatal”. It is the perseverance and hope to continue that counts. This is the story of a boy named Junior whose key is his hope. The Absolutely True Diary is the life story of a Arnold Spirit (Junior) and his efforts to break the stereotypes about Indians. He wants to become something amazing; he wants to be successful. Juniors experiences throughout the book changes him as a person and he understands that life has its ups and downs but if people have hope, they can do anything. In The Absolutely True Diary, Sherman Alexie uses literary devices, Mr.P’s advice, and Juniors experiences to illustrate the theme that perseverance and hope can lead to great things. Alexie uses the literary …show more content…

P’s advice and Junior’s experiences to to convey the theme that perseverance and hope can lead to great things. For example when Mr. P’s gives Junior advice regarding how to succeed in life, he says, “you kept your hope. And now, you have to go somewhere where other people have hope...away from this sad, sad, sad reservation”(Alexie 43). This evidence implies that, Mr. P’s advises Junior to keep up the hope but he know’s that Junior will give up and lose hope, being in the reservation. As a whole, he exclaim that Junior must go away from this reservation; to somewhere that has hope. Mr. P advises Junior to have perseverance so, he should never give up on his hope of becoming better. Mr. P believes hope leads to greater things, a better future. Therefore, he wants Junior to have hope and leave the reservation for the greater thing, a better future. Another example is Junior's experience at Reardan. For instance, while Roger is making inappropriate comments, Junior decides to defend Indians, black people, and buffalo, so “he punched Roger in the face”(Alexie 65). Then, he later realized that he “ had challenged the alpha dog and was now being rewarded for it.” This evidence implies that Junior’s experience of being bullied by Roger triggered him to stand up for himself. His hope and perseverance while standing up for himself and others, led to a greater outcome. Now, Junior was being respected as a result of him having hope and standing up himself; he was

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