Part Time Indian Book Report

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In The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, Junior overcomes different obstacles while having a disability. In this book fourteen year old Junior was born with hydrocephalus. On the Indian Reservation he lives and goes to school, and on his first day of school junior gets into an incident at his school, and ends up transfering to Reardan high school which is 22 miles away from the Indian reservation. While at this school he is able to make a couple friends and join the varsity basketball team. During his transition to his new school and the reservation Junior learns a lot about himself and how his disability has not stopped him from achieving his dream. Towards the end of the story Junior faced some terrible tragedies in his family, but he was able to find joy in his time of grieving, and some good came out of that in the end. This is a good book to read …show more content…

The KLIATT comments on the cartoon art that adds good detail to the story, but it’s Junior’s voice that will stay with the readers and help them understand the reservation experience which is haunted by alcohol abuse but rich in family love, and know something about what it feels like to be Native American in a white world. They talk about how Alexie writes and the voice that makes everything clear in the feelings being portrayed; since he has a familiarity, understanding, and attachment with the story that no other narrator could possibly bring to it. The hardship, pain, loss, grief, and love will all be felt sincerely. Alexie’s audio version will let readers be able to imagine the pictures junior has drawn even without looking at them. They mention Junior’s frank and mature language, so that if someone were to listen to it they would need to be in high school. At the end they go to mention that the audio will stick with the listeners even when the book is

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