The Alchemist Reality

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As Douglas Everett once said,"There are some people who live in a dream world, and there are some who face reality; and then there are those who turn one into the other." What this essentially means is that there are people who live in dreams, the other’s live in mind and there are some who believe that true meaning of living exists in following their dreams so they try to make their dreams reality. I agree with this quote because some people just dream about things and leave it; while, others don’t believe in dreams at all. Then there are some people who actually try to convert their dreams into reality because they think that dreams are for a reason. This quote is best designed for Paulo Coelho book titled “The Alchemist” as Santiago constantly works to convert his dream into reality …show more content…

Some people’s ignorance of dreams can be harmful for themselves just like knife is for butter. Santiago’s dream of a treasure in Egypt, for instance, reveals to him his Personal Legend and sets the entire plot of the Alchemist into motion. For Santiago finding treasure wasn’t easy. He had to sacrifice his shepherdess (as he sold his sheep) and work for year at Crystal Merchant’s shop to gain money to travel because he was robbed. Crystal Merchant did not believe in his dream of going to Mecca. He thought it’s waste of time and money. Later in the novel, the man who beats Santiago does not believe his own dream, but when he describes his dream to Santiago, Santiago recognizes it as an omen telling him where to find the treasure (Coelho 167). Thus, it’s the person loss as he ignored dream. The importance of actual, sleeping dreams parallels the importance of personal, symbolic dreams as embodied by Personal Legends. Thus, dreams require backbreaking work and determination to sacrifice anything to make it come true. And Santiago proved himself to do that in order to fulfil his

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