The Birthmark Analysis Essay

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In the story “The Birthmark” by Nathaniel Hawthorne, he uses several techniques to help build his story. Hawthorne tells a story of a man of science whose name was Aylmer. He married a beautiful women named Georgiana, although she was quite beautiful she had a birthmark on her face which, in Aylmer’s eyes was an imperfection. Aylmer tries to perfect Georgiana, but in the end Aylmer’s attempts to change Georgiana causes him to lose her. Aylmer does not accept the idea of imperfections in people. Aylmer believed that if people really had the desire to be perfect they would strive for it, but they don’t and in result Aylmer cannot accept the reality that people are imperfect. Hawthorne uses a number of techniques such as, setting, foreshadowing, imagery, tone, etc. With each of these different techniques he uses them to contribute to the story to create the theme or idea of the …show more content…

He uses this technique to guide the readers to understand the theme of how Aylmer inability to accept imperfection in the story and how it leads the loss of Georgiana. One of Hawthorne’s example of foreshadowing is when he says,” … he might have felt his affection heightened by the prettiness of his mimic hand, now vaguely portrayed, now lost, now stealing forth again and glimmering to and fro with every pulse of emotion that throbbed within her heart; but, seeing her otherwise so perfect, he found his one defect grow more and more intolerable with every moment of their united lives” (341). Hawthorne uses foreshadowing to emphasize how strongly uncomfortable Aylmer feels about Georgiana birthmark and what actions Aylmer is will to do to remove her birthmark. He cannot accept the fact that loving Georgiana results in loving and accepting her flaws, which he cannot do as well. He also, subtly gives the readers ideas of what is or could possibly happen later in the story in result of Aylmer’s ideals on

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