The Book Thief By Hans Hubermann

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In Nazi Germany being kind and diverse was a death wish. One was only supposed to associate with those who were following the orders of Hitler and the rest of the Nazis. The book takes place in Nazi Germany during World War II, with the Hubermann family receiving a new addition to the family, Liesel Meminger. Liesel had lost her brother during the journey to the Hubermanns which caused her to obtain constant nightmares. The only person that seemed to understand her at the time was Hans Hubermann. Hans was a man who did not approve of the genocide that was taking over Germany. He had nothing against Jews and thought them equal to himself. Doing the right thing was what he strived for, little did he know that would be his downfall. Hans went …show more content…

Hans painted houses, doors, or whatever needed painting for the Jews. He did not enjoy the mean names that were written on the property of Jewish shopkeepers. He felt disrespected by the Nazis and he took back his request to be in the Nazi party. Zusak stated,“ I will come tomorrow,” he said, “and repaint your door." Which he did. It was the second of two mistakes.” (Zusak 181). “The book declares "Hans looked at the knuckles of his right hand and swallowed. He could already taste the error, like a metal tablet in his mouth. "Forget it."(Zusak …show more content…

He regained some of his customers after bomb scares were becoming a more frequent event. After giving the man a piece of bread his business was the least of his worries; he felt guilty for having to kick Max out before the party came for him. Thinking about how he had put Max in danger after the party never showed up the feeling ate Hans alive. He pushed Max right into the hands of the Nazis. Then Hans was drafted into the second war he knew the party was trying to punish him in another way. “There were no consolations that night. Max was gone, and Hans Hubermann was to blame.”(Zusak

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