The Case Of Basheba Freeman And Beecham Should Receive The Death Penalty

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Recently, a couple from North Carolina named Basheba Freeman of 22 years old, and Taquan Beecham of 25 years old pleaded guilty of murdering their baby. Murderers that have committed a series and regretful crimes have only been given a short sentence. In this case, Freeman has only received up to 20 years, and Beecham a maximum of 6 years in prison for the death of their daughter. Penalty for any kind of death should be punished with much higher years. With that being said, Basheba Freeman and Taquan Beechman should receive the death sentence in prison for abusing, starving, and killing their own daughter.
The first reason Freeman and Beecham should receive the death sentence is for abusing their baby Tayara Beecham. In their trial on January 25th, 2018, prosecutors said …show more content…

7). Not to mention it was not the first time the abused happened since her leg had been broken and partially healed at least twice (Charlotte parents sentenced to prison after imprint of hammer found in baby´s skull). Nobody should receive this type of abuse, specially a 10-month-old baby who could not have even defended herself. Many times, parents try to discipline their kids by spanking them. However, this was clearly not the case since a 10-month-old baby is not capable of even speaking or walking. The abuse was so much, the poor child´s body could not take it anymore and sadly died. The second reason Freeman and Beecham should receive the death sentence is for letting their daughter starved. The autopsy reported that besides the heavy abuse Tayara had suffered throughout her 10 months of living, she was also dehydrated and had not eaten. Tayara weighed 8 ½ pounds when she died in April of 2016. That is the weight a newborn should weighed, and it was clearly that Tayara as a 10-month-old baby was not being fed as a regular child should be fed. Prosecutors said Tayara had been starving for

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