The Case Of Vernon Evans, Heath Burch, And Jody Miles

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Vernon Evans, Anthony Grandison, Heath Burch, and Jody Miles On December 31st, 2014 Maryland governor Martin O'Malley commuted the death sentence of Vernon Evans, Anthony Grandison, Heath Burch, and Jody Miles; these were the last four people on death row in Maryland. Governor O’Malley states that executions are not cost-effective and do not deter murders and are at odds with “our values as a people.” As of 2013 Maryland has abolished the death penalty, but this legislation was not made retroactive, leaving the fates of the condemned up in the air. Maryland has not executed someone since 2005 due to the lethal injection protocol being found illegal. Vernon Evans Evans was sentence the death for because, in 1984, he was convicted and sentenced to death together with drug kingpin Anthony Grandison for the 1983 murders of Susan Kennedy and David Scott Piechowicz and his wife Cheryl (Susan Kennedy's sister) had been scheduled to testify against Grandison at trial on federal drug charges Anthony Grandison …show more content…

While going through security at Baltimore-Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport on his way to Miami a baggage screener noticed a substantial amount of cash in Grandson's luggage. The U.S. Marshals service later arrested him on suspicion of violating his parole, and a search of his belongings revealed a key for a room at the Warren House Motel in Pikesville, Maryland. A search of the room found substantial amounts of cocaine and heroin, which resulted in Grandison being indicted on federal drug

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