Michelangelo's Life And Accomplishments

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Born during the Renaissance era or “Rebirth” as some may call it, Michelangelo usedthis critical change in time to his advantage. Michelangelo used his day to day life challengesand struggles to exemplify his masterpieces in sculpture and art. With his mother passing at ayoung age, his father working hard to provide for Michelangelo and his siblings, and theconstant relocation his family did, Michelangelo was had some obstacles to overcome at such ayoung age. I feel these and many other challenges he faced molded him into the artistic legendhe is to this present day. The man was so great he was also referred to as “The Divine One”.Florence, Italy is where his journey begun as a sculpture and artist. Florence was richwith culture during this time period. …show more content…

Often, some jobs for which he was commissioned would takemuch longer than expected because Michelangelo would be out walking around the towntrying to find the perfect scene in which he could recreate his own work. The beginning of hisjourney started when his father finally gave in to the idea of his son being an artist. His fathersent him to be an apprentice under Lorenzo “The Magnificent”. Here is where he learned howto paint in fresco. Fresco was the most demanding form of painting, requiring vast expertiseand painstaking preparation. (Unger, 157) But Michelangelo was not really a fan of paintingalthough he was a great painter. The young apprentice presented a stone head he carved toLorenzo. Lorenzo was so impressed he invited Michelangelo to come live at his palace. The newbond he had with Lorenzo was just what Michelangelo needed being that his own father kind ofdid away with him because of his life decisions. This bond was short lived though, some 2 yearsafter Michelangelo had moved in, Lorenzo passed away. This lost sadden Michelangelo greatly.He fled back home to live with his father and siblings. A move which he regretted, he left hisfathers’

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