The Characteristics Of Olaudah Equiano

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During the Slave Trade, millions of African American people were taken from their homeland to be sold into slavery. They were only seen as desirable for their work, and were treated as animals. Dragged onto a large ship, these slaves would be forced to endure brutal living conditions both before and after they were bought. During their travels, they were beaten, starved, and insulted with vulgar language. These people were all seen as less than others due to something as trivial as the color of their skin. One person who had experience with this was Olaudah Equiano. He was held in this line of work for many years, but was fortunate enough to eventually buy his own freedom. He suffered through the many voyages and violence, and became one of the first African American writers; this was quite rare, as nearly all slaves were left uneducated in the language around them. His character was the key to his survival; he was brave through times where spirits were broken and dreams were crushed. He was strong and determined, two characteristics that helped him on his mission for change.
One characteristic that Olaudah Equiano had that helped him survive his journey as a slave was strength. His physical and mental strength were what allowed to eventually prosper into a free, well educated man after being released from slavery. These were both challenged throughout his journey, but he was able to overcome the obstacles in his path. From a young age, Equiano and other African men were

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