Compare And Contrast Truman And Hiroshima Bombing

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Harry Truman Vs Hiroshima
The 33rd president of the United states, Harry S. Truman, is to be convicted on the charges of crimes against humanity, which is a series of crimes or just a crime that targets a specific group of people based on religion, country of origin or any unrelated action a citizen does that doesn 't correlated with the crime, for the bombing of Hiroshima, Japan. The evidence to support the devastating bomb attack on Hiroshima starts with the side effects the bomb had the citizens and the effect globally and ends with Harriet Truman 's illegitimate and vague reasons on why the bombings where to take place. But first I would like to begin the argument against Harriet Truman by explaining what the occur of the bombing of Hiroshima actually was.
On the day of August 6th at approximately 8:15 am, the world’s first deployed atomic bomb was dropped over Hiroshima, a city near the coastline of Japan, by an American B-29 bomber, Robert A Lewis and Major Tom Ferebee. The atomic bomb, also known as the Little Boy, was dropped from the B-29 aircraft Enola Gay and had the equivalence to 15 tons of TNT or about thirteen kilotons of force. Hiroshima was home to about 290,000 citizens and around 49,000 soldiers, about half of which were killed in the physical bombing and exposure to radiation over a 4 month period. The idea for bombing of Hiroshima, also code named Operation Centerboard, was put into idea by the United States during after the defeat of Nazi Germany, while the Japanese Pacific war continued on. The United States wanted to force Japan to surrender as soon as …show more content…

Truman is to be convicted of the act of a crime against humanity towards the citizens of Hiroshima. And as we edge past the 71st anniversary of the horrific event, a reminder should be set on the citizens of America, that Harry Truman was not hero, he was rather a man with a heaping amount of power and with no idea how to use it to

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