The Criminal Case Of Marsha Colby

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Marsha Colby, a working lady, got pregnant at the age of 43 with the seventh child. She was a very hard-working and loving mother who wanted to spend time with her children. She had a small income so she couldn’t visit the physician for her regular medical checkup during her days of pregnancy. Her less attentions towards her health during pregnancy made the things worst and she gave birth to a still born child. In the article Kim Lanier talked about the same story about Marsha Colby that how she got punished by the court on the charges of her killing of newborn son.

Marsha Colby was already the mother of six children. She was well aware of the fact that the pregnancy at the age of 43 was very risky. Even after knowing about her health risks, …show more content…

She called the local police officer Kenneth Lewellen and told her the complete incident. After the initial investigation it was confirmed that Marsha gave booth to a child who died and they dug him into the hole. Investigation team called the state forensic pathologist Kathleen Enstice exhumed the baby and investigated the case. The pathologist gave the report that the child was born alive and he could have survived through medical treatment. She also told that the pre delivery medical requirements were not fulfilled by Marsha which led to the pre mature delivery and death of the child. After knowing the report of the doctor, the state allowed the prosecutor to pursue criminal charges on …show more content…

The cases are also because of the wrong decisions by the Jury and the wring medical reports put forward by the forensic pathologists. That is the reason for the “unexplained fetal deaths”. The wrong decisions and the illegal charges on the women make their way to the Tutwiler jails which has no facilities at all for the prisoners. It contains double number of prisoners than its capacity. So in my onion there must be a proper jury and there must not be wrong allegations I the women for killing their children. The cases get more hype as media reports cover them and present them as “cases of the century”. Thus it is the collective society responsibility to secure and safeguard women

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