The Crucible Abigail And Elizabeth's Relationship

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In Arthur Miller`s play The Crucible, the relationship between Abigail and Elizabeth shows you how easy people are to stab you in your back. In Salem, Massachusetts, in the spring of 1692 a group of young girls are caught doing witchcraft. Abigail, niece of reverend Parris, leads a bunch of girls into the forest to conjure up spells to get rid of her lover’s wife, Elizabeth Proctor. At the end Abigail doesn`t succeed in ruining Elizabeth`s life. Instead Elizabeth is able to forgive her husband for the affair and see that it is not her who is the victim. In the story it is shown that Abigail and Johns affair changes Elizabeth. Elizabeth use to really love John, until one day she found out about their affair. She suddenly kicked Abigail out
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