Examples Of Hysteria In The Crucible

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How would you react to hysteria? Would you join or stay far away from it? In the 1960s people were accused of being communists. Arthur Miller publicly stated he was a communist. He was inspired by what had happened in the 1960s and personal experiences. This drew Miller into writing the Crucible. The Crucible was based on some real events, but the story is not non-fiction. Parris could have done more to stop the hysteria because he should have left his bad feelings about his neighbors. He also could have been stricter with Abigail and stopped her from lying to the whole town. During The Crucible, Parris saw Abigail, Tituba, and the girls dancing in the forest late during the night. He knew they had to be involved with witchcraft. However, …show more content…

The girls just agreed with everything Abigail said to do. They never confessed even if they knew it was not true. They are as guilty as her because they were involved in it too. The girls are brought into court. Danforth begins the case by asking Marry Warren and the other girls if they were connected with witchcraft. Marry is the first one who responds. “Never, Never.”(Miller, 652) The girls just repeated after Mary Warren. They did not confess about what they thought was not true or was. Danforth became suspicious about the girls doing that. After Abigail claims she had just seen Mary’s spirit. Proctor tries to persuade the judge that she is lying. Then the girls react the way Abigail would have wanted them too even though they have not seen anything in reality. Mary Warren continues to answer Danforth's question and while she does the girls continue repeating her. Proctor calls them out for being liars. “I have no power!” (Miller, 653) The girls say they have no power after Danforth asks Mary were the power could be found. Proctor now directly calls out the girls for lying to her. After, Abigail claims she just saw Mary spirits’ wings opening up. The girls, Proctor, Abigail are now trying to dodge the spirit that is supposedly flying around rapidly in the

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