The Crucible Reputation Research Paper

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Bad Name or The Truth Reputation is how you are viewed by others and that will stick with you. In the Crucible reputation plays a huge part because everyone has some sort of reputation good or bad. Having a good reputation means that you are expected into the society. Therefore when people are being accused of witchcraft, people will do anything to protect how they look to people. Even if it means letting innocent people die for crimes they did not do. Arthur Miller makes it clear that having a good name is more important that the truth, Proctor, Parris, and Danforth all decided their name and reputation was more important than the lives of innocent people. Their decisions went deeper and deeper and made things get worse. Having a good name effected how Proctor acted because he doesn 't want to tell the truth about things he knows just to keep his name. Reputation effects Parris because, he doesn 't want to go against the bible and be accused of working with the devil. Lasly a good name affects Judge Danforth 's decisions because he sees that later he has killed innocent people, but does not want to come forward because he 's killed to many innocents and people will look at him different. John Proctor is a model citizen. A Lot of people have …show more content…

In the Crucible having a good name and being accepted into society, is more important to Proctor, Parris, and Danforth then the lives of innocent people. Proctor being a model citizen and well liked does not want to tell the truth about his affair with Abigail. Next Parris is looked at as a churchly figure, he does not want to go against the bible and speak out. Lastly Danforth is viewed as making the right decisions in court, but he later sees that he has sentenced the wrong people to death, he says nothing so he can protect his name and not be questioned. Based on their character decisions in the Crucible, it 's clear that keeping your reputation is very important if you want a good name and to be accepted

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