The Crucible: The Effects On Modern Day Witches

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Modern day witches get more dangerous and get more punishments then the witches in the past, modern day witches are terrorists while witches in the past are people like Abigail and her group of friends. The Crucible by Arthur Miller was published in 1953 and was written to try and inform the audience about what happened during the Salem Witch Trials and how it can affect present time and modern audiences with how big the impact of the trails were. The Crucible showed the way witches and people’s misconceptions can affect one civilization at that moment in time, like Salem, but that event caused a effect on modern day “witches” and how they are handled. The Salem Witch Trials affected modern society but it wasn’t the witches that were the biggest problem, it was everyone else. Modern day witches have been created by how people see muslims. Terrorists have mostly been muslim and that has put a label on them saying “muslims are terrorists.” This relates to when Hale goes to see John Proctor at his house because he hasn’t been at church which is good evidence that he is a “witch.”I note that you are rarely in the church on Sabbath day, Will you tell me why you are so absent”(Miller 61). The misconceptions and the stereotypes are making certain people be looked at …show more content…

When Abigail is accused of witchery and accuses someone else they start to fear who could be a witch and end up accusing multiple people. Witches are a threat to the Salem society therefore resulting in everyone having a fear of them. “I never called him! Tituba, Tituba…”(Miller 40) . Abigails accusation of another causes more drama, tension and fear because of how easy mass hysteria is to fall onto everyone and get them worried about how everything will end up. Mass hysteria was useful for Abigail because it got everyone's eyes off her and had them looking around for more people than just

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