The Crucible Theme Essay

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A group of girls were dancing in the woods with a black slave named Tituba. When the girls got caught dancing in the woods, they started blaming other people in the village of being involved with witchcraft. Soon enough, the whole village believed the devil exists and lives within the fear of each person. Arthur Miller’s The Crucible explores through the individuals vengeance, reputation, fear, and seeking for power with the drama of suspense and impact. The main theme of The Crucible is vengeance. The people of the town of Salem weren’t united. They were distrusted towards each other and disliked each other. The girls began accusing other people they disliked for dealing with witchcraft during the court trials. For example, even though the …show more content…

Children were considered unimportant in the old days. They weren 't allowed to talk until given permission to, and they didn 't make important decisions. However, during the witch court trials Abigail and other girls were able to say who was innocent or who was guilty. Probably for the first time, they had power over Salem and they wanted to maintain it. The authorities of the town Salem were worried about losing authority and power. For example Governor Danforth and Ezekiel Cheever, the judges, didn 't want to believe that they were being fooled by a bunch of girls so they went along with witchcraft existing in the town of Salem. In the mean-time Reverend Parris was trying to regain his reputation that he lost and win the support from citizens of the town Salem through the court trials since he had many people against him. Many themes and ideas are shown through the play, The Crucible. As vengeance, fear and struggle for power combines, the village of Salem quickly turns into panic and chaos. Innocent people are killed. Children and property weren’t able to be taken care of since people were required to go court trials. The suspense and impact of the plotline make it interesting and

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