The Decameron Analysis

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The Tale of the Falcon from the Decameron The Decameron was penned by medieval Italian author Giovanni Boccaccio. Giovanni initially went after a law degree at the University of Naples, however after his father hit upon hard financial times, he returned to Florence. Once there, he met the infamous poet Francesco Petrarch, who became an influential figure in Giovanni’s life, both as a close friend and literary advisor. Giovanni also experienced the most catastrophic, and arguably influential, occurrence of his life, the Black Death. This allowed for the backdrop for his first and most notable literary work, “The Decameron.” Although “The Decameron” is now viewed as a literary masterpiece, and has been used as a model for many other famous authors such as John Milton and William Shakespeare,…show more content…
Reflecting on his first work, he felt it to be lacking in significance and everted his attention to scholarly works. “The Decameron,” which was written in Italian rather than Latin, is composed of one hundred separate tales. These tales are, within the backdrop, being told by some wealthy young Florentines who have taken refuge from the Black Death in a country villa. These stories are a manner of passing the time as they stay for ten days, each day allowing for ten stories. Each day, member is allowed to choose the theme of the stories, which results in great diversity among the tales. For example, “The Tale of the Falcon,” is the ninth tale told on the fifth day. “The Tale of the Falcon” is a tale that describes the attempted courting of the beautiful Monna Giovanna by a young man by the name of Federigo Alberighi. The tale unfurls as the frivolous young man wastes away his riches on the maiden, who is not impressed. Having wasted all his wealth, he becomes poor. He then retreats to the country to live a modest life, his poverty
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