The Devil's Thumb Rhetorical Analysis

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Tone and word choice are major key factors for getting readers a full and vivid experience of what you’re trying to tell them. In “The Devil’s Thumb”, Krakauer chooses to utilize downsizing, depressing words and phrases in his writing like, “Beyond shame”, “self-pity”, “felt so alone”, “abandoned”, “vulnerable”, etc. His word choice overall gives a bitter tone to the story. He uses these words to give a more vivid, detailed description of how he was truly feeling at that very moment. While stuck in a snow storm, sitting in a dug out hole, he thought, “Beyond shame, I cradled my head in my arms and embarked on an orgy of self-pity.” (Pg. 136) This really showed his inner feelings and tells of a deeper meaning, revealing how prideful he really
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