The Double-Edged Sword In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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As a species we have always strived towards the next best thing and in the day of technology the next best thing is robots and AI’s. This level of technology can help us in a plethora of ways from day to day chores for government agencies and the military. But there are people that do not believe that this level of technology will help us for the better. Some wonder if we will be able to control these creations and whether or not they will be ok with the fact that they work for us and are interests. This effect of the double edged sword has been a constant issue that we as humans have had to face but in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein this issue affects Victor and the monster. Victor is a man that wants to be a jack of all trades but his main focus is on alchemy and creating life. His thirst for knowledge leads him to create the monster which he hates with all his heart. This leads the monster to learn everything by himself. In Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, the use of science, technology and knowledge is a double edged sword due to the constant conflict between the Creature and Victor. When Victor wanted to make the monster there was good intentions, which will lead to bad results. Victor as a young boy didn’t have a major father …show more content…

In the beginning Victor just wanted to learn how to create life, but when he does, he creates an ugly creature that he has no love for. When the Creature is alone, he must learn everything from scratch, but what he learns first give him a grim perspective on humanity. These two paths cross to cause everyone Victor loves to die by the Creature's hands and in the end their own lives are not spared. The double-edged sword is shown throughout the book by Victor's actions by creating the monster to the creature committing murders. All of this matters in the end because all this back and forth will lead to their own

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