Charles Darwin Natural Selection Essay

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Charles Darwin was a British naturalist who travelled for five years on a British ship known as zethe HMS Beagle. He collected numerous plant and animal species from many different environments. Darwin together with British naturalist Wallace arrived at the theory of natural selection independently, but Darwin went on to present a thorough and completely documented statement of the theory in his book : On the Origin of species published in 1859.In their theory of natural selection they emphasized the enormous variation that exists in all plant and animal species .Darwin’s theory of natural selection states that certain individuals in a species may be born with particular traits or characteristics that make them better able to survive.
For example: some frogs in a single population may have coloring that blends in with the environment better than others, making them less likely to be eaten by predators. For Darwin’s and his contemporaries, natural selection was in essence synonymous with evolution by natural selection. After the publication of On the Origin of species, educated people generally accepted that evolution had occurred in some form. However, natural selection …show more content…

Studies have demonstrated that humans are highly sensitive to changes in their physical surroundings. We can examine the effects of the physical environment by studying how individuals with similar genetic makeup develop in different environmental settings. If for example, identical twins were separated at birth and reared in different regions of the world, any physical variation between them could be attributed to their disparate physical environments. Genetic variation in some human populations has also revealed how natural selection has played a role in adaptations to specific

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