The Evil Queen Short Story

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The Evil Queen This is my story. Everyone just assumes that I tried to kill Snow White because of envy and jealous well I was both of there but the not why I tried to kill her. I never really wanted to hurt anyone, that was never my intention until she made it so difficult so I had to take extreme measures. I never had much growing up when i was young, no one really like me for me. All I had was my looks. So when I found out someone was prettier than me it felt like she was trying to take apart of me away. I was so lonely growing up, so as I got older I vowed that I always and will be the prettiest of them all. In the beginning, I just wanted to make a potion that would make her ugly. Anyway let me tell you my part of the story. Once, there …show more content…

I just wanted to go back where I was the prettiest of them all. I asked the mirror, “ Magic mirror where is she, the seven dwarfs cottage is the key.” Meanwhile, the dwarfs saw how a mess there cottage was they were mad and wanted to find who did this. When the dwarves went upstairs they saw how beautiful she was and let her stay. The dwarfs left everyday during the day and they warned her not to open the door. Back to the queen, she was so anger that she just wanted Snow White dead. She felt that as long as snow white was alive. Snow White was still going to have that part that always made the queen her, her beauty. So she dressed up as a old woman and gave her poisonous silk to …show more content…

When I came back I was happy but i had a little bit of regret. That regret was gone as soon as I asked, “ The magic mirror who is the prettiest of them all.” It answered, “ Snow white is now that she has been seen, You 're still the second prettiest my queen.” She had enough. Back at the cottage, The dwarves just saved Snow White by cutting her lace in two. Back to the evil queen point of view, I was on my way to the cottage and I had a apple in my hand it was indeed poisonous. When I tried to give her the apple she refused. So to show her it was nothing wrong with the apple I ate a piece (not the poisonous side) and give it to her she took

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