Briar Rose Legend

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I am written as the evil fairy in the tale as old as time. I cursed the beautiful child for no fault of her own, and I am the villain. I’m afraid that’s not how the events truly transpired. There is a hidden story, known to few, of what truthfully occurred. Here is the true story of what happened to the lovely Sleeping Beauty, Briar Rose. I once lived in a country ruled by a kind and just queen and king. Although they had nearly all they could want or need, there was one thing they wished for above all: a child. One day, I am told, the queen was granted a daughter for an act of kindness. Their child was beautiful, and her name was Briar Rose.
Word spread of their lovely daughter, and the entire kingdom rejoiced at the news of her birth, including …show more content…

I was an outcast, as nobody wanted to be associated with the evil fairy who cursed their beloved princess. So I was left only with my thoughts. As the years passed, I began to see the error of my ways and sought to fix my mistakes. I realized that the true target of my hatred was myself.
I knew I could not simply walk up to the palace and apologize. The way that I was forced to carry out my actions would likely never gain me any recognition, but I didn’t care. I was so determined to make up for my previous mindset, I went straight to work.
The king and queen ruled fairly over the kingdom and were loved by all. I regretted making them suffer, so I cast a spell that would cause time to stand still inside of the castle for those one hundred years. That way, when Briar Rose woke up, she would still have her parents and all of the people whom she had known her entire life. Over time, I had recognized that not all people were inherently good, and some might wish to cause the king, queen, and princess harm in order to steal the kingdom. So, I wove an enchantment that would cause the castle to be enclosed by thorns which would only allow those with a pure heart and good intentions to pass. Satisfied with my precautions, I could finally have peace of …show more content…

When he approached the barrier of dark twisted thorns, the section before him transformed into a bush blooming with pink blossoms. I followed close behind him as he made his way through the branches. As he stepped away from the flowers, they transformed back into the tangled thorns. I had seen enough to know that he was pure of heart. The spell was minutes away from being lifted; the second he entered the stone castle, I took down the wall of thorns and went back to my humble

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