How Does Rose Feel Peaceful In The Cellar

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“They were pure and innocent—something that wasn’t often found in this world of greed, disgrace, and self-gratification” (Preston 88). Clover often thought of the girls in his cellar as flowers; his mother taught him that flowers were pure and beautiful, and that is what he wanted his family to be similar too. One night, Summer Robinson is walking alone in the dark, something her crazy-hot-protective boyfriend ☺ always tells her not to do. She suddenly hears and sees a man walking toward her saying “Lily”, and he soon calls her Lily. Because of this, Summer feels uneasy and tries to find an escape route; the man kidnaps her and brings her to his cellar. This is the place where she meets 3 other girls, Poppy, Rose, and Violet. Now the conflicts …show more content…

From the beginning to the end of this book, Rose showed that she was content with being in the cellar. This differed from every other girl in there, which was very strange. She continued to be very calm and exuberant, getting excited about small things like new outfits and yarn to knit with. “We can’t. There is no way out, so you need to get this idea out of your head now” (Preston 59). She continuously always reminded the other girls that they cannot do anything to over power him, and they have to follow his rules and expectations. I think one of the reasons why she felt this way is that he brainwashed her into thinking how he does. Rose has been in the cellar the longest, and she knows Clover the most out of all of them. Also, before Rose got put into the cellar, she had nothing. She didn’t lose anything but her freedom, and she probably thought that living in a warm house with food was better than having nothing outside. Lastly, I believe that Rose secretly had some sort of crazy love for Clover. Before she got brought into the cellar, Rose and Clover had some sort of special relationship. Because of this and Clover brainwashing her, it is very likely she believed that Clover loved her and was doing this for their own

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