The Evil Villain Poseidon In Homer's Odyssey

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Imagine a world without any villains, there would be no heroes and life would be very boring. To have a good hero the author needs to create a very evil villain.A villain is a person in a story, movie, or play whose evil actions are important to the story.In the “Odyssey” by Homer, the villain Poseidon is very evil because he is vengeful, smart and powerful, but the white coats from “Maximum Ride” by J. Patterson are more evil than Poseidon because they are cruel, inhumane, and betraying.

In the Odyssey, some people believe that Poseidon was the worst villain because he is vengeful, smart, and powerful, but many would agree that he is not as wicked as the white coats. To begin, Poseidon is evil because he was vengeful. After he blinded …show more content…

White Coats from the book Maximum Ride, are people who evilly experiment on children and hurt them repeatedly. To begin, the white coats in the story Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment, by James Patterson, are more evil than Poseidon in the epic, Odyssey by Homer because they are cruel.In Maximum Ride, the malicious white coats experimented on innocent kids, kept many in cages, and ended up killing many children. (J. Patterson) Although many people believe that Poseidon is the worst villain, one can also argue that the white coats are clearly more evil than Poseidon because they are cruel to little kids. To continue, the white coats are more evil than the god of the sea, Poseidon because they are inhumane. In the story, “Her lungs had started burning bad an hour ago; she hadn’t been able to feel her leg muscles for longer than that, but every time she stopped running , a statistic white coat - Reilly- zapped her with a stick thing… she could feel his eager anticipation- he wanted to hurt her.” (Patterson 52)While it is true that Poseidon tries to kill Odysseus, he stops once Odysseus reaches his home, it is also true that the white coats are inhumane because the white coat wanted to hurt her but had no reason proving that he is a pig. Furthermore, the white coats are more wicked than Poseidon because they are betraying to many people.In the text, a man named Jeb helped them escape from the School but in the text,“. . .Jeb looked like he was on their side now. An enemy. . .like all the other white coats at the School.”( Patterson 143) Some people believe that Poseidon was a very bad bad guy, however they should know that the white coats are worse because they are betraying and further proving that they are more wicked than

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