The Flowers Alice Walker Analysis

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Alice Walker the author of the Flowers”, was inspired to write this story because of the tragedy that has happened to multiple black Americans and how it has affected their human rights. This story describes scenery that may have happened around South America starting off with a girl named Myop, a ten-year old girl who explores the world around her, unaware of the secrets the world beyond holds. In the first paragraph, Alice Walker clearly emphasises Myops purity and young innocence with the quote “She skipped lightly from hen house to pigpen.” This demonstrates how happy Myop is in this setting, we can identify she feels safe here, “ She felt light and good in the warm sun.” Her innocence produces an excitement to the reader as it gives the …show more content…

It is then Myop quickly grows up and suddenly becomes aware of the world in where she lives. The story relies on setting and symbolism which conveys the theme of departing innocence. At this point, “It was only when she saw his naked grin that she gave a little yelp”. The words “naked grin” hint at something more sinister and serious. Myop has just found out that her world is not as she had thought it was for all these years and ends up more curious than before. In paragraph 7 Alice Walker describes the corpse in detail, and Myops innocence disappears altogether, “His head lay beside him” tells the reader that the man’s head is decapitated. Added to this the quote “all of them cracked or broken” conveys that this man had taken a real long beating before his death and that may have been the cause of his death. As the story goes into paragraph 8, Myop then discovers the real cause, and is aware of how evil the world can be, “rotted remains of a noose”. This portrays that the man had been hung ,and gradually Myop understands what has happened and is able to acknowledge the truth about

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