The Glass Castle By Jeannette Walls

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While reading The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls, the relationship between Rex and Rose Mary walls and their children became to be very intriguing. Specifically how they raised their kids without holding anything back, an idea reinforced by a famous Walt Disney quote This quote describes how “trying to shield” children ) from reality” wouldn’t “do them any favor.” This idea was enforced by multiple occasions from the book which include letting Jeannette cook by herself at the age of 3, even after getting serious burns from cooking, letting the kids do whatever they wanted as long as they “Used common sense”, and the incident where Rex let Jeannette go upstairs with a stranger because he knew she could defend herself. The first incident revolves around how Jeannette was allowed to cook, even after having serious burns from from cooking.”She had to get right back on the saddle.” And how she “couldn’t live in fear of something as basic as fire.”(Said after Rose saw Jeanette cooking by herself again) “I was three years old...standing on a chair in front of the stove…”I was wearing the dress to cook hot dogs, watching them bob in the boiling water.” Jeanette also stated how “... she lets me cook by myself--a lot.” Rose would say “‘Good for you’, when “she saw me cooking.” Rose believes that you must not let something stop you, no matter how serious, because you must live on. If you allow something to consume you and stop you from pushing forward, you will not be able to live,
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