The Glass Castle Jeannette's Lesson

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Jeannette’s lesson People sometimes prefer to avoid getting taught something they don't like or understand, but in the end, they realize it's useful. In the story The Glass Castle, Jeannette Walls experiences lessons she was taught through struggle. Jeannette believes parents end up teaching their kids lessons even though they don't like how they're prepared. Jeannette got caught on fire for making hot dogs. During Rose Mary’s singing, Jeannette wanted hot dogs, so she made hot dogs without her parents caring if something wrong would happen to her. “I felt a blaze of heat on the right side. I turned to see where it was coming from, and my dress was on fire” (Walls 9). Jeannette got caught on fire and ended up having a skin graft. She went to the hospital, and the conditions were terrible. She had scars all over her body from the fire and learned never to touch fire again for what happened to her. “Dad also thought I should face down my enemy, and he showed me how to pass my finger through a candle flame” …show more content…

Jeannette didn’t know how to swim, but that's when her dad came. Rex said that he would teach Jeannette how to swim. Rex and Jeannette went to the Hot Pot, and Rex threw her into the water. She had trouble swimming. “You are going to learn to swim today, He said. Dad was dragging me. I felt terrified and clutched his neck so tightly that his skin turned white” (Walls 65). Jeannette had trouble swimming. She was drowning. Jeannette breathed when she went to the hot part of the water, and water surged into her nose and mouth. Jeannette's lungs were also burning from the Hot Pot. “You're doing it, baby! Dad shouted. You're swimming!” (Walls 66). Jeannette started to swim after her dad kept throwing her back at the Hot Pot. She was thrown into the middle of the Hot Pot and pushed herself to swim. She didn't need her dad's rescue; after that, she learned to swim. Jeannette learned how to swim through many struggles with hard

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