The Glass Castle Summary

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-title- In her memoir The Glass Castle, Jeannette Walls describes the events of her life as being below her own personal standards. Jeannette believed that if anybody found out that she wasn’t what she was made out to be, she would be seen in a different light. This belief stems from her traumatic childhood that relates to the theme of ideal vs real.! An idea that was pitched early in the story by Rex was to create a glass castle for his children. In Rex’s ideal world, he could make it if he had enough money and supplies. In reality, this only leads to more hardships as the family tries to find a way to obtain money for the project. Another idea that was attempted during the story was when Mary wanted have her own art studio when her mother died. Mary wants to open an art studio because she wants wanted freedom in her life and this was her best chance.? In …show more content…

Meyer, a social scientist, that did a report on income that involved “paternity fathers”. He noticed that after a father’s income increased from paternity establishment after several years. He failed to realize that the child support collection policy was based off of fiscal considerations, leaving a major flaw in his report. Instead of helping with income, the child support collection policy made it harder for parents that had a child outside of marriage to make money. The report also fails to address the cost efficiency of child support collection and the diminishing returns for enforcement against absent parents with little to no income. Due to Meyer misinterpreting the policy, he made the policy seem like it was not a rigid rule. Meyer adjusts the income data he obtains to inflation for reasons that only he knows. While the report says that it assesses the effectiveness of the support-order updating process, there is no information provided on how cases are tracked. This results in no legitimate way to prove it can assess the effectiveness at all.

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