Narrative Essay On The Glass Castle

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There is certainly not a reason to be bored during the summer if you have a pleasing and amusive book on board,in particular if you have the “Glass Castle” by Jeannette Walls’. There are many topics and parts in this story that you will most likely relate to at least one moment in the character’s life. This beautiful and inspiring story is based on a true story which the Jeannette Walls’ story, and it’s about how she grew up with irresponsible parents in a homeless environment. Her family always moved from place to place without having a plan on where to go next or what to do next. When Jeannette was a young little girl she thought this was all fine and that everything was normal, but then she grew up and she started to realize that things …show more content…

Jeanette life was heading the wrong path, but the choice was in her hands to change the path and she took it. Many teenagers believe that their life is over and ruined because of a problem that comes up, but Jeanette story can drift that negative mindset to a positive and hopeful one. After all those problems in her life she never knew that she had to change her life and leave all those bad situations and take actions. She expressed this in walls 239 and 245 saying “I wanted to leave everything from the past behind… Brain said “Guess what, in one more day you'll be in New York.” Ater saying this, a few pages after Jeanette went to college and graduated. She took a whole different turn for the better and always had hope by her side. Any teen or anyone reading this will surely recover inspiration by the life of a young girl, in spite of Jeannettes bad situation and moments. Everyone has the power of hope, that can brighten up your thoughts in those bad moments.
In conclusion the “Glass Castle” should be read during a hot summer day, when all the thoughts are coming down and are feeling down because of a situation. This is a beautiful, inspiring book that is also based on a true story. There is no doubt that this book will inspire you to do better and it'll open up your mind to view life differently. As a result of reading this book, the reader will relate to Jeannette situation and take a walk in her shoes.

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