Persuasive Essay: The Minimum Wage Struggle

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The Minimum Wage Struggle
Money is an essential object to acquire in the society we live in. Various places demand a high monthly rate in order to occupy a premise, along with the stress of utility bills that may not be included. Aside from living costs there are many other factors which must be calculated when budgeting on a day to day basis. Overall, the survival rate tends to increase due to so many responsibilities that need to be upheld, as well as costs being raised. This rise in both the cost of living as well as the need for higher wages proves that the standard of minimum wage needs a major increase.
A parent is a prime example of many individuals that can suppress undergoing survival in modern day society. Working for a big corporate company may sound phenomenal, but when the person is a mother/father who works part-time, being paid minimum wage will have that parent battling costs they can’t upkeep. A check of $250 bi-weekly can merely assist any parent with rent, adjoining food costs not only for themselves but their family included. Although that parent may have the assistance of their partner, maybe even the government, an hourly pay of $8.05 isn’t enough to …show more content…

In South Florida, you come across countless homeless people every day. Many of them didn’t expect for this hardship to come upon them, and struggle to get back on their feet. A job that pays minimum wage can hardly compensate a household for them, not to mention the essential items they will need to sustain. Not only do homeless people struggle for success, but also someone who lives solely. This kind of individual can be living uncomfortably and miserably while barely being able to afford rent. A struggling individual can go without meals, and sometimes cannot pay their bills. This person can become trapped in debt because of past due bills they are not able to afford, resulting in an increase in our nation’s homeless

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