The Great Depression In Cinderella Man By James J. Braddock

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Cinderella Man was a story of the up and coming boxer, James J. Braddock. The movie starts off with Braddock in the ring with another fighter and there going neck and neck. But Braddock is the man that has never been knocked out, so he exceeds the fighter for the win. But there is a time, a change in history coming about that Braddock was just another person in a rude awakening for. That change is the Great Depression. The Great Depression was a time of economic depression brought about by 9,000 banks failing and stocks crashing in 1929. This brought bout no money, and struggles in people. This brought about the 1930s to be hard times. And that's exactly where our boxer James J. Braddock took a turn and the setting of Cinderella Man starts. …show more content…

The world was depressed and of course the people of the time was depressed also. The movie depicts a gloomy atmosphere. People didn’t smile much and everything was crap, but a fact of back then was that sporting events was the highlight of people's day. It was a time when people didn’t suffer or had temporary joy. An even more specific example was the scene on the docks after Braddock was banned from fighting due to his bad show and his broke right hand. The scene showed men crowding a fence being hand picked to work for one day pay, and only 5 men were being picked. That shows a scarce and the fight for money back in the 30s. Another scene was when families would wait in a line that stretched from the buildings, out the door and down the street. The not only showed scenes of the great depression but it made the area around look old timey or run down like in the 30s. Like they held the fights in old times Madison Square Garden. Another thing is how the women dressed and how Braddock's wife had and all the women had the 'Bob'. Also, lastly and most noticible to me was how the movie depicted and talked about the ' Hoovervilles'. Which were basically the more ran down areas and slums of most communities turned into there on community. These areas were infested with sick and struggling

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