The Great Gatsby: An Evil Villain

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Being an evil villain can lead to many horrible disasters and problems, especially when you have everything in the whole wide world, you feel entitled to be better than anyone else. Selfishness is the worst trait to have because no one will trust or like you. Sometimes people just care about themselves to get what they want. In the famous novel “The Great Gatsby” by F. Scott Fitzgerald, he explains how money can drive people to being greedy and careless of others particularly their loved ones through characterizations of Daisy Buchanan. Daisy is a self- absorbed, vacuous socialite whose decisions lead to destruction of both Jay Gatsby and Myrtle Wilson.
Mrs. Buchanan, a beautiful 23 year old is a well known person for her mischievous and charming …show more content…

Growing up, she had everything she has always wanted so that’s not a surprise at all. Edwin Clark states “the East Eggers, he said, had a “meanness of spirit, a carelessness and absence of loyalties…dumb in their insensate selfishness, and only to be pitied.”Clarke is trying to demonstrate that East Eggers are nothing but selfish rich people that have no life and spends money on alcohol beverages/ lavish things. Just like Daisy who seems to care about herself and not others. She fails at everything especially as a wife, mistress, and a mother. Daisy is a narcissistic person that constantly starts problems and getting in trouble even with Gatsby who risk everything for her and will die for her so she can be pleased. She keeps Gatsby around because he can do her dirty work. She said she loves Gatsby but in reality she never did. Daisy just wanted someone to have fun with that spoils her rather than her very own husband, Tom. “As soon as she finds out that Gatsby may be making his wealth in backroom, bootlegging ways, she’s done with the whole flirtation.” (Baker.Katie) In other words, Baker believes that Daisy was just using Gatsby all along. She doesn’t get any attention from Tom so she goes after the weak link her previous lover Jay Gatsby who is now wealthy. But, when Daisy finds out about about how he got his fortune she is turned off by him meaning she is over and done with Gatsby and …show more content…

She has no sympathy or compassion when it comes to others but herself only. “In the Gatsby Daisy’s doubleness is essentially a reflection of our schizophrenic view of woman: goddess and bitch, Fair Lady and Dark Angel and temptress.” (Wald. Richard 179) Wald’s point is that Daisy is a two-face person, one minute she is the sweetest person the next she is a ruthless person. He is comparing Daisy with Fair Lady and Dark Angel because her ways fools everyone especially Gatsby who easily falls hard for her and never realizes it. People really think she’s miss perfectionist when deep down Daisy isn’t at all. Gatsby believes the love of his life deserves the best and wants to have a future with her. He think’s he knows her and won’t do anything to harm him which is actually the total opposite of what he thinks. She definitely convinced him that she was what she said she would be. During a conversation with Nick and Gatsby about Daisy, Gatsby pronounces that “Her voice is full of money," he said suddenly. (Page 120). He explains to Nick, Daisy’s voice is golden and worth to listen to. This is another trap of Daisy’s to trick Gatsby into making him feel important and how he means the world to him. Gatsby is indeed obsessed with Daisy Buchanan that he even bought his house right across the bay from Daisy to show he still is in love with her after all those years. He fantasizes about her

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