The Variceal Reasons Of Daisy And Gatby In The Great Gatsby

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Daisy choose not to go with gatsby for variceal reasons, but sometimes you have to realize that everyone don 't get their happy ever after fairy tale. She has to think a bit about her daughter and the big change for her new life.They both had an obstacle in front of them stopping them from their happiness his name is Tom Buchanan. Money can also be a big impact on those that want a fancy lifestyle ,some they just want the money so they live like a unhappy married couple or a family with many problems.The only thing gatsby want was daisy to himself but according to daisy “he asks for too much”. Overthinking everything that Daisy and Gatsby went through when they were young was just a one time thing to me. For them they felt like they were meant to be together forever,but they just had mixed emotions about How they really felt about one another. One thing for sure is Daisy stopped loving Gatsby a while back once he was doing this duty in the army.I feel like Daisy got tired of waiting for her lover or they forced her to find someone else and get married to start her new life ,Which was meeting Tom and having a baby girl. In the book it makes it look like they love each other so much especially Gatsby makes him look weak for thinking that a girl will change his world again like when they first meet.Gatsby actually sees himself with Daisy but she just choice to have a relationship where no one knows about it but Nick and themselves. Sometimes big change can be a big impact

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