Rationale For The Great Gatsby Letter

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According to English B higher, I studied Fitzgerald’s novel “The Great Gatsby”. In order to establish my interpretation of the novel, I decided to write a letter as my written assignment. The task requires to depict the theme of the novel which is the noble deterioration in the upper class society. A letter would be the best approach, specifically for a character like Nick Carraway who showed his feelings regarding Daisy’s act to run away from Eat Egg during Gatsby’s funeral. I used persuasion in the method of asking question in the text in order to make Daisy feel sorry for herself from what she have done regarding her actions. These questions also motivated Daisy to leave Tom due to his rude and dishonest traits. The text also shows, reflects and focuses on revealing and showing Nick’s character in the play and viewing his thoughts about other characters like Gatsby, Daisy and Tom. Moreover, the text also draws my interpretation of Nick’s character in the novel.

Word Count: 167
Dear Daisy, How did you have the strength to leave without attending Gatsby’s funeral? Have you forgotten everything Gatsby did for you? Why did you grow so uncaring towards Gatsby that you never need to meet him even at his funeral? Daisy, I actually do not understand what pushed you to make a drastic step. I think it is the time for you to know the truth about Gatsby and Tom that has never been exposed to you. I belief this could make you alter your choice, so you

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