Fences In The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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It is 1950, young Cory ( Fences) is outside his dad’s house mad as ever because he told him he can’t play football. Here comes James Gats (The Great Gatsby) walking also in a mood. James:What’s up old sport. Cory: What’s up Jimmy. James: What’s the matter. Cory: Pops don’t want me playing football nomore. James: What! You’re like the best player on the team. Cory: I guess that don’t matter. James: Listen, why don’t you just run away and never come back. I’m thinking about doing the same, get a new name and everything. Cory: Man you crazy James: Am I though (Cory stays silent ). Cory: Ight man I’ll catch you later. THE LIGHTS GO OFF The scene opens up with Jimmy and Cory in town at a local pug famous for their steak and cheese. …show more content…

Gatsby: it’s alright old sport, the boat is big enough. Maybe we should throw a party. Cory: I don’t like parties. Gatsby: Don’t like parties, what is the matter with you. AND SCENE! The next scenes open up with Cory leaving for the army and Gatsby meeting someone knew. Gatsby: Alright old sport have fun and come back alive. Gatsby waves goodbye to Cory in a gentlemen like way as he walks away into the sunset. Gatsby goes out into town for a stroll. Out of no where a young lady catches his eyes. Gatsby: What’s your name.( He kisses her hand). Mistery Girl: My name is Katherine Gatsby: Katherine, What a beautiful name that is. Can i call you Kathy? Mistery Girl: That is what my friends call me. Gatsby: Then I guess we are friends. (Kathy smiles at Gatsby). Might you want to go out to eat. Kathy: I am quite hungry actually. We can go now if you like. They walk to the nearest restaurant to find out it is full. Gatsby volunteers his house as the next best thing. An hour passes by, the light are dim and bottle is empty Gatsby: You are quite a beauty. Kathy: And you are quite the gentleman. They slightly touch each others lips… … The rest you can use your

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