The Hate U Give By Angie Thomas

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Young adult literature such as The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas, emphasizes teenagers using both their actions and their voices to overcome false accusations from both the media and negative perceptions. Racial inequality and police brutality are discussed greatly throughout The Hate U Give, due to the difficulties the protagonist, Starr Carter, endures when her best friend, Khalil, is killed because of the assumptions made by a police officer who categorized him as being a threat since his skin color was black. Starr receives the confidence in speaking out against what the media had broadcasted in response to Khalil’s murder by overcoming obstacles that revolve around her race and the environment she was raised in. Uniquely, the author, Laura …show more content…

Starr Carter struggles with her race because of the already formed stereotypes made and the environment she resides in. Starr had constantly tried to use her voice in expressing the truths that occurred the night of her best friend's murder. The situation involving the murder of Khalil had related to the already formed judgements that had been utilized to justify the death of the black teenager. Following the murder of Khalil, Starr undergoes a period where she is unable to wrap her own feelings around the rash judgement that had been made on behalf of the officer who had shot her best friend Khalil, who was an unarmed African American teenager. The media depicts the murder of Khalil solely on his background and not in relation to his innocence of being a black adolescent. The racial profiling that had occurred the night of the murder indicates the way the media triggers this mentality of condoning the rash judgements and portraying the police officer of being right for mistakenly assuming that the hairbrush Khalil had was a weapon and justifying the amount of shots the officer made against the teen. The media presented his race and the environment Khalil had resided in to being the reasons behind the actions

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