The Hero's Journey Analysis

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What is a hero? What must one do to qualify for the honor of having such a title? A man named Joseph Campbell wrote a book called The Hero with a Thousand Faces, with the idea that there is a road on which most heroes in most stories travel on their way to becoming a hero. This is called The Hero’s Journey. From leaving the comfort of The Shire to helping defeat a dragon and returning home with the treasure Bilbo Baggins from The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien is one of these heroes.
Bilbo Baggins is not exactly what one would consider an outgoing person. He enjoys quiet peaceful days. Adventure is an unnecessary disturbance as most hobbits believe, and therefore unthinkable. Bilbo’s mother was the daughter of a Took, a family frowned upon by …show more content…

He simply assumes it was a bad dream and is getting on with his morning as he would on other days, when Gandalf appears and shows him the note the dwarves had left for him on the mantle. This step in “The Hero’s Journey” is Meeting the Mentor. In the note he is told to meet the Dwarves later in the morning. However, because he woke up later and hadn’t seen the note he had very little time to get to the meeting place so he rushed from the house with none of his necessities. This is how Bilbo Baggins completed the heroic step of Crossing the …show more content…

Seizing the sword takes place when the battle is over, most of the goblins were defeated and the rest fled. All the other people who had been arguing over who should have the gold, fought together against the goblins, wolves, and bats. Thorin, who was severely injured, is dying. Bilbo says goodbye to Thorin and they part as friends. After the battle Bilbo takes home some of the promised treasure only two small chests that could fit on the back of his horse and gets to keep the ring as well as sting, an elvish dagger he finds in a cave early on in their journey. This is the

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