The Hero's Journey: The Influence Of Mythology In Literature

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Mythology for many years has been seen as folktales and stories that help entertain people. In the modern world the influence of ancient mythology has been very impactful on the entertainment world, as it has allowed for the creation of fictional characters and films that have brightened millions of people's lives. The influence of these stories in ancient times may rival those of the modern world because of their vast influence on the world as it has affected many parts of it.
The understanding of these topics is greatly led by the study of mythology which has given insight into human nature , and emotions of people as they often depict human experiences. Myths and legends show such themes such as , love , jealousy, and anger and heroism. These themes have allowed us to better understand the world around them, and compare the difference between life in the past and present. Mythology has allowed us to see the growth of cultures and …show more content…

Mythology has allowed for a certain archetype that appears in many themes which has led to them being more prevalent. One famous being The Hero’s Journey, that includes the basic premise of a hero, villain, the mentor, and the trickster among others. Understanding the significance of these allows mythology to help us recognize them in literature and understand their deeper meaning in stories. Symbolism is another important concept that mythology has overall has helped people convey things in a more meaningful way. Myths and legends often include powerful symbols that represent abstract concepts or ideas. These symbols have been used for centuries and people still continue to use them in the present as these symbols are powerful tools to modern writers. For example , you could go off the story of Medusa, where the snakes in her hair represent evil, betrayal and

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