Into The Storm Hercules Compare And Contrast

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Myths teach us morals (the difference between right and wrong) they explain the unexplainable, and they strive to teach us about human nature. In the myth, Hercules the Mighty and the realistic fiction story, Into the Storm, Hercules (main character of the myth) and Tucker (protagonist of Into the Storm) , go through experiences that makes them heroes. In Hercules the Mighty, Hercules completes twelve labors tasked to him by the High King of Mycenae, Eury. The twelve labors take Hercules around the known world and his feats of strength and his accomplishments make him famous. In Into the Storm, Tucker Willis is a short good-hearted kid that, after seeing a man about to drown at sea, becomes a hero by saving the man from being fried. But the morals, supernatural events, and human nature that are revealed in both the myth and the story are very different. In Hercules the Mighty, Hercules goes on twelve great labors to prove that he was worthy to ascend to godhood. During his first eleven labors, he didn’t need to use any strategy. Instead, he opted to use his great strength to overpower his opponents. But, in his final labor, killing the hydra, Hercules couldn’t win on might alone. “S3: But then Hercules watched in horror as two new heads string from each stump. S1: Now there are 17 vicious heads writhing and …show more content…

He was thumbing through it when he stopped at an old-timey picture of some black men wearing jackets like Richard’s. They were standing in front of a building on the Outer Banks. Below was a picture of . . . Richard. Mustache, beard, jacket, everything! ‘Captain Etheridge, born in 1842 near Roanoke Island in North Carolina, died in 1900.’ Tucker said he probably read that date 20 times before it sank in. Richard Etheridge had been dead for nearly 100 years. How was it possible that a dead man had helped Tucker save Mr. Nibbles? Unless Richard was a ghost.” (page

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