Similarities Between Wollstonecraft And Nicholas De Caritat

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The Enlightenment of the 18th century began the age of questioning old ways and the creation of new and modern ideas. How did these Philosophers use their ideas to influence our lives today? Both Nicolas De Caritat and Mary Wollstonecraft were philosophers during the Enlightenment Era who played a big role in changing the values and beliefs of the whole world especially towards women. Before this age women were believed to be idle and soft beings who couldn’t process or produce intellectual ideas. Caritat and Wollstonecraft influenced the ideas of the enlightenment, and impacted the government today by showing the world that women have minds capable of producing intelligent ideas. Marie-Jean-Antoine-Nicolas de Caritat better known as Nicolas de Caritat was born in Ribemont, France on September 17, 1743. He descended from the ancient family of …show more content…

Wollstonecraft was an English native was born on April 27, 1959 in Spanfields, London. Her childhood was a difficult one because her mom fell to the grave too early from her abusive father. At the age of 19 she sought a means of income to escape her father by established a school in Newington Green with her sister and best friend. A few short years later her friend passed and to deal with the grief she became a governess in Ireland. Although this position wasn’t for her and she returned to England to be an advisor to Joseph Johnson who was a publisher of radical texts in London. In 1794 she married the handsome Captain Gilbert Imlay whom she had a child with but he left her unexpectedly. Her friend Fanny convinced her to go on an adventure to scandinavia where she found William Godwin her second husband. They had a daughter together on August 30 1975 and named her Mary Godwin after herself. Shortly after she passed from the troubles of

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