The Impact Of US Historical Events On Education

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The Impact of U.S. Historical Events on Education

Danniel E. De Jesus

Master of Education: Higher Education Administration

EDUC511 Foundations of Higher Education

Dr. Shauna Harris

23 May 2023

History, intellectual ideas, and cultural factors all have an effect on classes in higher education. These factors, both from the past and the present, affect what is taught now and what will be taught in the future. Higher education has changed over time to keep up with the needs of a society that is always changing. Thus, the goal of this research paper is to examine, study, and assess how historical events and philosophical ideas have shaped and changed what is taught in higher education today.

The Impact of U.S. Historical Events on Education
Historical events, like the second Industrial Revolution of 1870 to 1914, the World Wars 1914 to 1918 and 1939 to 1945, and the Civil Rights Movement of 1954 to 1968, have influenced what is taught in higher education. Industrialization led to the creation of vocational schools that taught people how to do things like type, keep books, and run machines. During the World Wars, science and technology projects were made to help win the wars. And the Civil Rights Movement contributed to diversity and inclusion.
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It transformed daily life for Americans more than any other historical event in the history of the United States (The Industrial Revolution in the United States, n.d.). As industry grew in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, more skilled workers were needed. Because of this, the focus of the education system shifted toward practical skills like reading, writing, and math (Beno, 2019). Vocational training classes were also developed so that students could learn how to do certain jobs (Beno, 2019; Isler,

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