Enlightenment In Hermann Hesse's Siddhartha

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In Hermann Hesse's; play Siddhartha, the chapter “Gotama” is about two Samanas,Siddhartha and his friend Govinda who go to see the Illustrious One in a garden called the “Anathapindika” to hear his teachings. Siddhartha in the this chapter disagrees with what the Illustrious one teaches about enlightenment because of how he thinks it cannot be taught.There are many things that Siddhartha needs to achieve his goals, many of which can be hard to find. Why is it that Siddhartha came so far with Govinda to find his goals, but to only fail; Siddhartha doesn’t want to believe in what the Gotama teaches on enlightenment towards his followers. Siddhartha politely confronted Gotama about the reason’s why his friend leaves his journey and chooses to follow the Gotama. Siddhartha and the Gotama both share a connection with enlightenment, but Siddhartha believes that everything that there is a different way to enlightenment. The Gotama is not really touched by what Siddhartha has spoken to him about ,but his eye’s lowered by what he has spoken about. Govinda is touched by the teachings of the Gotama because he has accepted them and makes the decision to leave his friend Siddhartha. Siddhartha is not pleased with him saying …show more content…

Siddhartha is sad and happy by confronting the Gotama, has lost his shadow, but gained himself from the Gotama and his teachings. Govinda has been accepted by the Gotama and the community, has listened to the teachings of the Gotama while waiting for his friend Siddhartha to do so too. Siddhartha now starts his new path towards his goal. Hermann Hesse’s work on the chapter “Gotama” is showing how one person’s thoughts and views can be different than someone else’s view on it and that people have their own path’s but it’s your choice to go along with

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