The Importance Of Industrialization In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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The book, Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, takes place in an unspecified time in the eighteenth century, as the letters’ dates are shown as 17xx. This relates to the Industrial Revolution because the Industrial Revolution’s period ranged from 1760 to 1820. Moreover, it can be assumed that it takes place during the Industrial Revolution as Victor Frankenstein, one of the main characters, begins to revolutionize the scientific world by bringing life to a monster, bringing essence to the era of exploration, discovery, and industrialization. The Industrial Revolution was a period that occurred after the end of the early modern era. The Industrial Revolution brought on a lot of change that was not commonly seen during the early modern era. This time period can be …show more content…

The economy was shifting over from an agricultural centric economy to a more manufactural setting. People were more inclined to work in factories than compared to working in the field. The Industrial Revolution was considered an era of industrialization because it changed how the people of Europe approached things all together. Rather than leaving a job to several men, inventors at the time sought to “produce machines that could do the job more quickly” allowing for a more efficient process (Aldiss). Many inventions were created to increase the production speed for items that pushed the economy. Although these machines caused manual labor needs to decrease significantly, these new-found machines “required close management” in order to repay their heavy costs (Aldiss). An example of new technology that needed to be monitored is the Jacquard loom. This revolutionary device had mechanical codes that governed the weaving process, “allowing even the most unskilled

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