The Importance Of Justice In Sherman Alexie's Flight

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In the novel Flight by Sherman Alexie, the character Justice is imaginary in the mind of the protagonist, Zits, to validate his subconscious acts. If justice was a real person in the story, he would have been there in each scene with Zits, and with that; he would have also experienced the same consequences for his actions that Zits endured. The fact that Justice was not with Zits for a vast amount of time throughout the novel, and he also did not live through the consequences for his actions proves that he was just an imaginary figure in the mind of Zits.
Zits has a pretty hard life,since a young age, his parents were never around to support him, and he moves from foster home to foster home not really getting along with anyone he meets. As a result of this, one could say this leaves a dark hole in Zits causing him to be lonely. As Zits was getting ready for the day in the morning he went into the bathroom, “So I look in the mirror no count the
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Along with that, where was he when Zits was about to go shoot up the bank, which was his idea. When Zits was being interrogated, he told the officer about the warehouse they were supposedly staying at and let them to it, “Well if he was here, he's gone now… I know that I won't see justice again” ( Alexie 168). There was no trace of Justice being there which adds to the conclusion of him not being real. Zits soon gets transferred to a new foster home that is nothing like the previous ones. His view of this family is not like the others, “She hugs me tightly. It feels great. I haven't been hugged like that since my mother died. I'm happy”(Alexie 180). For once in his life since his parents passed away, Zits feels happy, and since he is happier and has a new family that he feels loves him, he will be less lonely for now on. Which means that Justice will not be around anymore because the lonimess he once had is no
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