The Importance Of Pain In Nursing

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Pain is Subjective Patients with sickle cell crises describes the pain as "throbbing," "unbearable," "sharp," "excruciating," "like a hammer, beating and beating," "penetrating," "squeezing," and” stabbing." Pain that I wouldn 't even wish on my worst of enemies." "Sometimes it feels like being hit and run over by a truck." According to Maxine Adegbola, the University of Texas at Arlington, (2012). The main idea of this study is to bring out some of the experiences patients with sickle cell disorder. Patients need more comprehensive assessment of pain from nurses that understand the impact of the pain on their patients. Sickle cell pain is found to be challenging to the patient 's life as the pain is not predictable when to be intense and when to strike next. (Ballas, 2010; wilkeite al., 2010) The pain is also perceived from both Nociceptive (tissue damage pain) and Neuropathic (pain from the damaged peripheral nervous system). This paper will cover the painful sickle cell crises and day to day pain management finally the attitude of nurses towards their patients. Painful sickle cell crisis is the commonest. It also commonly known as the value-occlusive phenomenon. According to Bradshaw, H., & Woolridge, D. (2008). Sickle cell crisis. This is the moment or the state sudden pain begins in a patient suffering from sickle cell. Normally the pain could come in any part of the body all over sudden. Pain is subjective by the fact that the pain felt by the patient is …show more content…

The nursing management of sickle cell patient involves nursing assessment, nursing diagnosis, nursing care planning and goals and finally nursing interventions. In the nursing assessment, adequate data from the patient should be identified, that is factors that precipitated the previous crisis and measures the patient took in management and prevention should be enquired. Using a pain intensity scale, pain levels and characteristics should be monitored. Presence of any infectious process should be

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