The Importance Of Panopticism In Society

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When Foucault (1977) stated that Panopticism is a system to be used by societies in the future, his prediction was quite correct. With surveillance and counter surveillance in place (Koskela, 2011, p. 272-273), people are being watched everywhere they go, with them not even aware of it most of the times. In the meantime, in this risk society, people nowadays uses a camera phone recording occasions and posting pictures on the Web. Everyone in the world can be an incidental eyewitness, blurring the line between overseers and reporters (Koskela, 2009). Surveillance happens to be everywhere. For example, when a shopper is purchasing something at a shopping store, he or she is being watched to ensure no shoplifting takes place. When driving anywhere, traffic cameras mounted on the roads are recording everything (Koskela, 2003, p. 295). While people are attending sporting events, there is someone checking to ensure that they behave in the appropriate manner. Considering that the panopticon system was initially utilized in a prison setting, it would be correct to argue that humanity is constantly living in a prison-like state. Something is always watching us at all times. As much as humans have freedom of movement and can move about at any time, certain behaviors must be adhered to in the process (Adams, 2013, p. 229). As Giddens mentioned in his book, The Nation-state and Violence, distinguishing between two differences in surveillance. First, surveillance is a collection of
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