The Importance Of Parenting Stress

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First-time mothers are exposed to parenting stress due to the responsibilities to care for a newborn. Both married and single mothers experience parenting stress, but single mothers experience a higher amount of parenting stress. Copeland and Harbaugh proposed a series of factors contribute to the development of parenting stress, which can diminish the likelihood of successful parenting. Lowering the amount of parenting stress can be beneficial successful parenting, which is tremedously important for the well-being of the infant. According to the Belsky 's Model of the Determinants of Parenting, there are three essential parenting domains which contribute to successful parenting. This includes parent contributions, child contributions, and contextual sources of stress and support (Copeland & Harbaugh, 2005). In this article, Copeland and Harbaugh identify the differences in the amount of parenting stress observed in married and single mother with their six to eight weeks old infant. The participants ' demographic information was collected, and the level of parenting stress was determined by the Parenting Stress Index Short Form (PSI/SF). In order to assure the overall well-being of infants, a solution to this problem is vital. The interventions for this problem consist of a postpartum support film and a hotline service, to ensure single mothers the opportunity to obtain aid as soon as possible. A healthy and stress-free environment is fundamental in the development of the
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